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We Care

At CardioCare we combine the expertise of our internationally trained doctors with state of the art minimally invasive techniques to achieve excellent diagnostic and therapeutic results for our patients.

We are a centre of excellence with an emphasis on all minimally invasive, endovascular procedures and interventions: all coronary artery and peripheral artery interventions, structural heart procedures, electrophysiology studies and treatment modalities and specific oncologic interventional procedures. Endovascular procedures are achieved through a needle puncture: There is no cut, no wound and no scar. Nearly every kind of vascular problem has an endovascular rather than surgical solution, this way saving patients from surgeries, many hours of general anesthesia and many days of post-operative recovery.


In addition to our general cardiological consultations, we also offer specialized consultations, aimed at our patients with specific medical needs. We have created regular follow-up programs for conditions like diabetes and chronic vascular disease, to make sure that all of our patients receive the continuous care they deserve. 


Come to us with a symptom, and leave with a recommended course of action.

CardioCare is a German International Heart & Vascular Centre uniting the expertise of different specialists in various sophisticated areas of minimally invasive endovascular cardiology, angiology and radiology. 

“Why should we have to open the chest for a 1-2 mm stenosis of a vessel?“

Prof. Andreas Grüntzig, the German inventor of balloon angioplasty and the visionary founding father of the large field of endovascular interventional medicine, started his work in 1975 with this simple question.


Endovascular procedures are minimally invasive because access to the target problem is achieved through a needle puncture of an easily accessible artery, like the wrist or groin artery. From this entry point we can navigate along the vascular system, nearly anywhere inside the body, and can treat the target problem without the surgical opening of the skin and other tissues. It is this simple, revolutionary technique that makes endovascular interventions truly minimally invasive: 

There is no cut, no wound and no scar.

What We Do

Endovascular insertion 2.png

From the access point, thin, straw-like catheters are used to venture along the cross-sections of this vast arterial network – all under imaging control. 

If arteries need to be relieved from serious blockages, we use little balloons and stents (small metal devices) to reopen them. 

If vessels need to be occluded, as in the case of bleeding, or to stop a tumor from growing, we simply introduce little coils or other devices to stop the blood flow. 

In the field of structural heart disease, we can reach specific heart structures with our catheters and introduce new valves or closure devices, releasing them precisely in the optimal spot – under the supervision of our imaging control system, with the help of highly sophisticated software, at the hand of our trusted experts. 

Since the time of Prof. Andreas Grüntzig, many surgical procedures have been replaced by endovascular interventions, starting with the coronary stents, which have reduced surgical Bypass operations significantly. Nearly every kind of vascular problem has an endovascular rather than surgical solution, this way saving patients from surgeries, many hours of general anesthesia and many days of post-operative recovery.

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The philosophy of CardioCare is to provide a centre of endovascular expertise where we focus on vascular interventions in various medical fields, uniting highly specialized experts of various disciplines into one interdisciplinary team, under one roof. At the same time, we endeavor never to lose sight of one of the most important aspects in medicine: caring.


Acute illness can be scary for the patients and for their loved ones. In co-operation with the HC-International Hospital Marbella, our CardioCare team will remain at your bed-side, fully in charge of all medical aspects of cardio-vascular disease. We will facilitate administrative issues and of course keep the communication channel open to your family. 


Where We Are 

CardioCare is located at the HC-International Hospital Marbella, a boutique clinic with the latest high-tech medical infrastructure and equipment, dedicated to the highest standards of medical practice.


CardioCare provides the endovascular suite, a fully equipped Siemens interventional hemodynamic and electrophysiology catheter lab. We are the exclusive cardio-vascular operator at this hospital.


HC-International Hospital is situated in Puerto Banús - Marbella, not far from the sea. 

The hospital team consists of highly educated, multi-lingual nurses and auxiliary staff. Freshly prepared meals of restaurant standard are offered daily, based on patient's preferences and medically indicated diet restrictions. Patients can also enjoy the beautiful gardens that surround the clinic.

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