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  • What is the difference between Reisbeck Medical private practice and CardioCare Marbella?
    Reisbeck Medical is a private medical practice located in Marbella, founded by Dr. Manuela Reisbeck and Dr. Bernd Reisbeck to provide a wide range of medical services to outpatients in the areas of general medicine, internal medicine and cardiology. Patients have been followed up for chronic disease for many years. All ambulatory diagnostic procedures can be performed on site, like ECG's, ultrasound examinations and blood analysis. The goal at Reisbeck Medical is the complete analysis of the patient, from assessing the problem to finding a solution. CardioCare Marbella is the hospital-based, cardio-vascular center reoffering minimally invasive interventional procedures requiring highly specialized equipment on top of outpatient diagnostics and care. Reisbeck Medical refers cardio-vascular patients to CardioCare Marbella for all minimally invasive cardio-vascular investigations and treatments. Patients can book appointments in both places for consultations with their doctor of choice.
  • What is UroCare?
    UroCare is the men's health branch of CardioCare, offering surgery free, minimally invasive solutions to two of the most common urologic problems, BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) and ED (erectile dysfunction). If you would like to make an appointment directly with one of our urologists, please call us on (+34) 677 759 003 make an appointment online. If you are being referred to us by your urologist for a specific intervention, you will continue your consultations with your own doctor and only be present at UroCare for the procedure.
  • Billing aspects of CardioCare and UroCare
    CardioCare and UroCare are private medical service providers. Do you work with Spanish private insurance companies like Sanitas, DKV, Adeslas, etc.? We do not have special agreements with Spanish insurance companies. We don't directly invoice the insurance companies; we invoice the patient. If you have opted for a reimbursement health plan with your insurance, our invoice will be reimbursed at the percentage rate that you have agreed to, in most cases 80%. This also applies to procedures and interventions. Do you work with international private insurance companies like BUPA international, AXA PPP and Allianz worldwide? Depending on your individual health plan we can invoice your insurance company directly for ambulatory consultations. In most cases however, you will receive an invoice, which will be reimbursed 100% by your insurance. In the case of larger and more costly procedures and hospitalisations, we will contact your insurance directly and get the guarantee of payment from your insurance provider. In this case you will not receive an invoice from us, it will be settled directly with your company. If you have any questions, please e-mail our accounts department:
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment by calling (+34) 677 759 003 during consultation hours Monday to Friday from 9:30hrs to 17:00hrs. As an alternative, you may book an appointment by contacting us directly through our contact form and we will get back to you asap. Also, we offer the possibility to book your appointment directly by choosing the convenient open spot from the on-line calendar. In case you cannot find an open spot, please call and we will accommodate your needs. Should you have an acute and urgent problem, be suffering from chest pain, shortness of breath or fainting spells, please call for an emergency appointment stating your symptoms. We will accommodate you right away.
  • What kind of “after hours” care can I expect?
    We offer after hours and week-end consultations and examinations as an exception, on an individual basis, booked in advance. Our hospital service is open around the clock for cardiac emergencies.
  • Do I need to see a CardioCare doctor prior to an endovascular cardiac or vascular minimally invasive procedure?
    If you are referred by a specialist specifically for this intervention and all medical details and pre-tests have been communicated by your doctor, you do not need a consultation unless you wish for one. In all other cases we would need to arrange a consultation prior to scheduling the intervention. It is imperative that we discuss your condition, symptoms, perform any necessary pre-tests and establish the correct treatment required.
  • Can I have my medical reports in any language I may choose?
    We hold consultations in English, German and Spanish. Interpreters are available for French and Russian. You will receive your medical reports in Spanish, unless you ask for an English or German version prior to the consultation. Translations in any other language will be sent out to a translation service and are subject to additional charges. The same applies if you ask for the reports in a different language retrospectively. Therefore we recommend addressing this issue prior to starting your consultation.
  • In what language do I receive my discharge letter from the hospital?
    CardioCare is an international medical centre, and we try to accommodate all our patients. However, since we are in Spain, we are required to complete medical records in Spanish. Your discharge summary will be written in Spanish. All insurance companies have the capability to translate and will accept these medical letters. In case you insist on a summary in English or German, please let us know in advance prior to your discharge, at a later date it will be subject to additional cost. Translations into other languages will also be charged additionally.

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