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Always on top of my health

Offer yourself the luxury of taking a break from your daily routine, selfishly turn your full attention towards yourself and focusing on what is truly important, but so often taken for granted: your HEALTH!

We follow the international guidelines of preventive and early detection medicine to ensure the maximum benefit for our patients. We believe that the right check-up program is the one, which has been designed for your individual needs. Finding out about your personal medical history, your individual risk factors and the family medical history, your good and your bad lifestyle habits, is crucial to serve this purpose. The better we get to know you, the better we can help you improve.


We will not just simply X-ray your body simply because we can. Therefore, our check-up packages are only suggestions based on general guidelines and you may consider changes based on our recommendations after the initial interview with your prevention specialist. Avoid the surprise of a sudden disease, which could have been easily foreseen and even prevented.



  Prevention - Early detection - Care

Our suggested check-up packages:


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