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High-Tech is the prerequisite just to get us started....

At CardioCare we have chosen Siemens to be our trusted technology partner. Our Artis Zee interventional suite technology is their world-renowned highest standard installation for cardio-vascular interventions, perfectly equipped to address all clinical challenges which may come our way. Relying on excellent image quality and optimal intervention precision, we can achieve outstanding treatment results while assuring patient safety and satisfaction.  


We use the most advanced technology features like Siemens “CLEARstent View“ to allow your cardiologist to monitor the exact positioning of your stent device during the implantation procedure.

The DynaCT.png

The DynaCT 

The DynaCT (cone beam CT function) is an integrated CT imaging system that creates 3D images of the area of interest during your interventional procedure, like a CT scan, optimizing localization of the structures of interest, such as vessels, which need minimally invasive intervention.


Furthermore, our equipment has the capability to interact by superimposing CT-images and 3D-echocardiography images during the live procedure. The Siemens intracardiac ultrasound system is one of its kind, obtaining live images from inside your heart, allowing your cardiologist highest precision anatomic orientation during your intervention. 

Siemens CS2000

Ultrasound machine 

Our Siemens CS2000 Ultrasound machine with 3D-transesophageal ultrasound probe supports the highest standard pre-operative preparation strategy, allowing high resolution ultrasound 3D-imaging to reliably measure intracardiac structures prior to complex cardio-structural interventions like the aortic valve replacement procedure (TAVI), the mitral valve repair (Mitraclip) or the left auricular appendage closure or PFO closure.


In co-operation with the HC international hospital we perform tests using the 2x64 slice CT-scan by Siemens. This is fully equipped for cardio-vascular diagnostics and 3D-re-construction imaging for the entire vascular system, including the heart vessels (coronary CT scan imaging). Siemens is world renowned for maximum X-ray dose reduction, whilst maintaining the highest  quality imaging.


The 3T MRI-scan provides the highest resolution MRI available today, capable of facing the challenge of optimal imaging of moving structures, like the heart. 

ECHO Ultrasound.png

Electrophysiology (EP) Lab 

Our Electrophysiology (EP) lab is equipped with the most advanced Biotronik and Medtronic technology.


For atrial fibrillation ablation treatments we use the Arctic Front Cardio Cryoablation technology from Medtronic. The unique software and guiding system of the Medtronic Cryoablation console makes this procedure the gold standard for this common medical condition.

Biotronik stimulator and radiofrequency ablation console 

For all our EP studies and non-atrial fibrillation ablation procedures, we use the latest Biotronik stimulator and radiofrequency ablation console.  


Implantable devices, such as pacemakers and defibrillators, are carefully chosen from the technologically advanced assortment offered by Biotronik, Medtronic and Abbott/St. Jude.

Biotronik stimulator.png

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