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Cardiology Clinic: Dr. Bernd Reisbeck

One-stop consultation to investigate all cardio-vascular risks and conditions.

Our Cardiology clinic is equipped to perform all non-invasive tests to diagnose all possible cardiac diseases:


ECG, Stress Test

Holter-ECG up to 7 days

24H-Holter BP

Echocardiography transthoracic and transesophageal


Heart CT and Heart MRI investigations


Patients come to us with a problem, and we will make sure that they leave with a solution. All necessary tests will be performed right away, no time-consuming rescheduling unless tests require specific preparations, like fasting at the time of the exam (as is the case of transesophageal Echocardiography, electric cardioversion procedures, Pharmacologic Stress-Echocardiography and Angio-CT’s and MRI’s).


And of course we provide continuous care for our chronic patients, after diagnosis and treatment, on a regular basis to ensure stable conditions and avoid progression of disease. Medication prescriptions and laboratory evaluations will be followed-up and always discussed with our patients directly.


In case interventional procedures may be necessary, we organize everything for you right away, including contacting your insurance company.  


You can book an appointment on-line now or call +34 677 759 003.

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