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Dr. José Manuel Rodriguez Mesa

MD, PhD, Interventional Radiology / Peripheral Vascular Interventions

Dr. Rodriguez Mesa is our specialist for all peripheral vascular interventions and interventional radiology procedures.

Languages: English, Spanish



After graduating from medical school in Cadiz in 1995, he underwent his residency training leading to the specialty of radiology and interventional radiology at the University Hospital Carlos Haya in Málaga and at Duke University in South Carolina/USA where he graduated in 2001.


Since 2002 he has dedicated himself to the field of interventional radiology at the University Hospital Carlos Haya in Málaga. His fields of expertise are peripheral vascular procedures, as indicated in peripheral artery disease, as well as a large range of arterial embolization procedures and oncologic tumor chemo-embolization interventions.


He is a member of CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Inteventional Radiology Society of Europe), SERVEI (Sociedad Española de Radiologia Vascular e Intervencionista) and SERAM (Sociedad Española de Radiologia Medica). He is an active member of the comisión cientifica de SERVEI, a commission of experts dedicated to the evaluation of scientific work presented at the Spanish Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology.


At CardioCare Marbella, Dr. Rodriguez Mesa is responsible for all aspects of interventional vascular procedures and embolization interventions (vascular and end-organ).



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