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Pacemaker / ICD Control Clinic: Dr. Bernd Reisbeck

Implantable devices and Pacemakers are little computer-like devices designed to treat electric activates disorders of our heart.

Once implanted, however, implant function needs to be controlled regularly and optimized, problems detected and taken care of in a timely fashion, especially if the patients are completely dependent on the activity of these devices. The battery length is also being determined during these routine checks and the exchange of battery will be discussed with you.


Control occurs as a routine check every 12 months. Should you experience any new symptoms like new palpitations, dizziness and fainting or decreased exercise tolerance with shortness of breath, please have your device checked for malfunctioning.  



In case your implanted defibrillator device has fired, whether appropriately or inappropriately, please call us right away and make an urgent appointment. 

When you book your appointment please make sure to communicate the manufacturer and model of your device. Please bring your pacemaker/defibrillator pass with you to your appointment.


You can make an appointment directly online or call +34 677 759 003

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