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Why All Men Should Speak With a Urologist

As medical experts in the urinary tract, urology is a speciality subject that not everyone will require advice or treatment from in their lives. But if you're a man over 40, you should definitely have at least one urologist consultation booked in for the near future. Doing so can not only improve your health when you're in need of specific treatment, speaking with a urologist can often positively impact your overall quality of life, often before you realize it has taken a turn for the worse. Here's why:

Why Would You See a Urologist?

A consultation with a urologist is a great idea if you're suffering from any issues that cause pain, discomfort, or stress when going or needing to go to the toilet. This could be a frequent need to go, pain during urination or in your pelvic or groin area in general, difficulty starting urination (or difficulty maintaining urination once you start to go), blood in your urine, or general anxiety, confusion, or concerns about the overall health of your bladder, kidneys, and in men, your prostate. For men, a urologist is also the specialist consultation to seek if you're experiencing a lower-than-desired sex drive, are experiencing difficulty starting or maintaining an erection, have noticed any unusual look or feel to your penis or testicles, or are concerned about or want to be tested for infertility.

Although urologists are trained to treat men, women and children alike because urinary tract issues can develop no matter your age or gender, men are more likely to need the specialist advice of a urologist rather than a general practitioner or family doctor. This is even more true for men over 40 who should ideally have regular check-ups with their urologist in order to avoid urological issues that become significantly more common in men as they age.

At UroCare urology clinic in Marbella, a specialist department of CardioCare, we specialise in urological care for men, specifically in their health and well-being as it relates to erectile dysfunction and benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Not only that, our expert urologists use only non-invasive or minimally-invasive diagnostic tests and treatments so the overall physical, mental and emotional health of our patients is forefront in everything we do, making speaking with the UroCare expert urologists totally stress-free, no matter what symptoms you are experiencing.

Sometimes though, symptoms can come on soo gradually that they can be easily ignored and forgotten about, decreasing your quality of life or risking your health without you realising it. And because prostate issues are so frequent in men, especially after turning 40 years old, it's always highly recommended that once you reach this milestone age, all men should be seen by a urologist on a regular basis even if they are experiencing no symptoms at all.

What Can You Expect At a Urology Consultation?

Not all urology clinics in Marbella are the same, but as part of CardioCare, the expert UroCare urology clinic offers an easy an approachable way to speak with a urologist that specializes in men's health, especially those who are suffering from or at risk of developing erectile dysfunction or enlarged prostate. When visiting UroCare, you can expect to be warmly welcomed, treated kindly, fairly and gently, and leave with all your questions and concerns answered.

Depending on your symptoms, your pain level, your medical history and your personal circumstances, a UroCare urologist can suggest several options during your initial or follow-up consultations to diagnose or treat any issues you're facing:

All urology consultations will begin with a thorough medical questionnaire to better understand your symptoms, your lifestyle and your health and wellness needs. Be prepared to discuss any bladder control issues you're experiencing, any unwanted changes to your sex life you're facing, your typical daily schedule of work, play, stress and diet and you and your family's medical history. A urology consultation will almost always include asking you for a urine sample too, so try to schedule your appointment for a time of day when you know you'll likely need to go and arrive with a full bladder. Men experiencing prostate trouble can also expect to have their urologist perform a physical (rectal) exam, which usually takes no more than 30 seconds. Your urologist may also request blood tests to check your hormone levels or rule out certain diseases or cancer as the cause of your prostate issues, perform an ultrasound or CT-scan to see and measure your pelvic or penile arteries, or conduct a provocation test to measure blood flow during an erection. Rest assured though, that none of the tests performed by a urologist at UroCare Marbella are invasive, meaning except for minor discomfort caused by a very small needle, you shouldn't expect any pain during or after your visit.

If your doctor deems it necessary, treatment for prostate issues can focus on lifestyle and diet changes, medication or medication changes, or simply a watch and wait attitude, any and all of which are depending on your level of health and your wishes. Up to 75% of patients with erectile dysfunction are experiencing it due to a treatable vascular condition and 90% of men over 70 have an enlarged prostate with persistent symptoms that affect their daily life, so for those with significant vascular conditions, UroCare urology clinic in Marbella offers several non-invasive treatment options. That means you can expect treatment of your erectile dysfunction or enlarged prostate with no cut and no scar, which virtually eliminates any pain you would expect from treatment, significantly reduces side effects and dramatically lowers recovery time. In short, with UroCare urology clinic in Marbella, getting your health and wellness back on track is faster, easier and gentler than you'd ever think possible.

Only the Best Urologists are at UroCare Urology Clinic

The UroCare urology team in Marbella is made up of only internationally-trained and certified urology and vascular specialists with decades of education and experience. At UroCare, all pre-interventional urology evaluations and post-interventional follow-ups are carried out by Dr. Eric Schulten, UroCare's newest clinical urology specialist, internationally-recognized for his outstanding work in urological care since 1996, while our renowned non-invasive interventions for erectile dysfunction and benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) are performed by our on-staff endovascular experts using only the latest and greatest technology.

Whether you're experiencing symptoms or just wanting to stay on top of your prostate health, if you're a man over 40 and living in the Marbella area, booking an initial consultation with a UroCare specialist is the best way to make sure your health and wellness is not at risk. It's quick, painless and we never perform any tests or treatments unless we truly believe you need it and are fully informed and comfortable with why it's being done.

Request an appointment online using this form or contact our friendly reception desk at +34 677 759 003 to book yourself in to speak with a UroCare urology specialist today.

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