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Sick Sinus Syndrome


The normal heart rhythm generator (the sinus node) is out of order

What is a Sick Sinus Syndrome?


The normal generator of the heart rhythm, the sinus node, becomes dysfunctional and the heart rate usually necessary to achieve normal blood flow to all vital organs, especially during exercise, is being impaired. Bradycardia (slow heartbeat) and long pauses between two heart beats are the consequence.


It affects mostly the aging heart, or it can be observed as medication side effect.

sick sinus syndrome condition

What are the symptoms of Sick Sinus?

  • Slow heartbeat.

  • Dizziness, near-fainting, fainting

  • Weakness and fatigue

  • Exertional shortness of breath


What imaging/ tests are done to diagnose Sick Sinus Syndrome?

  • ECG 

  • Holter ECG


What intervention/ treatment can be performed for Sick Sinus Syndrome?

  • Stop causative medications and follow-up closely for improvement

  • Implantation of a pacemaker


What intervention/ treatment does CardioCare offer for Sick Sinus Syndrome?

  • Implantation of a pacemaker

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