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Mr. Ion Margaritescu, Bucharest, Romania:

I have come to CardioCare after being referred to by a friend living in Marbella. For years I refused to undergo prostate surgery because of the potential side effects. The embolization procedure totally changed my nights, and therefore my days. It was definitely worth the travel. I wish I had done it sooner.  



Mr. Michael Ehmann, Marbella:

The CardioCare team turned my life around. I had life-saving heart interventions, one of them prevented me from having bypass surgery. What is most impressive is that Dr. Bernd Reisbeck did not give up on me. His passion for his profession and the dedication to his patients is what makes him so outstanding.

Mrs. Erika Schmidt, Marbella:

When my doctor told me that I had not just one but two different arrhythmias which would require ablation therapy, I imagined many weeks in and out of hospital, long procedures and traumatizing hours of waiting.


To my big surprise, it was one combined 2 hour intervention, a night’s stay in hospital overlooking the beautiful hospital gardens and an early discharge in the morning. Everything had been organized in advance, including all the necessary paperwork with my insurance company. And more importantly, I  have just had my 3 months post-procedure holter ECG and I wrote to my family: I can finally say good bye to my palpitations!


Mrs. Ute Fritz, Marbella:

I had cryoablation therapy for my atrial fibrillation. I was very nervous before the intervention, even trying to talk myself out of it, but in the end I trusted Dr. Reisbeck. Now I cannot believe how simple it has been. Dr. Rubio did a fantastic job that was fast and painless. The whole team was wonderful and what is most important for me, I always felt safe in their hands. 


Mrs. Maria Gonzalez, Marbella:

My very fast heart beat that I have experienced on and off since an early age has caused excruciating attacks, scaring my children and my husband as well on various occasions. First thing I did when I was discharged after my ablation treatment, I wrote to my children: I just kissed my arrhythmias good bye!


Mrs. Quandt-Wieland, Berlin, Germany:

I heard about the closure of the atrial septum defect before, but nobody felt so strongly about the need to have the heart procedure done as Dr. Manuela Reisbeck. I had been suffering from shortness of breath with exertion by then, which everybody attributed to deconditioning. On top, I had been tortured by terrible migraines as long as I can remember and it was the prospect that these may also disappear that convinced me to go ahead. I promised Dr. Reisbeck a “gold medal” should all turn out as hoped and guess what, she got it, „The Gold medal“. Migraine free now (!!) and at the top of my physical capacity! And happy! 

Mr. Alexander Bruett, Germany:

My father needed a new aortic valve, which, at his advanced age, was only one of his numerous medical problems. For weeks Dr. Bernd Reisbeck fought to stabilize his condition, removing water from his lung, treating one infection after the other, all with the prospect of making the valve procedure (TAVI) even possible. Seeing him back home now with my mom, makes me forget the tough weeks prior to the intervention and I am left feeling grateful for the next few years ahead of us, all together. 

Mr. Gunther Bruett, Germany:

I've known Bernd Reisbeck for many years now, no other doctor has ever known my life story as he does. I trust him beyond the usual patient-doctor relationship. He promised to give me a new heart valve, and to get me back home, and so he did.  

Mrs. Nazira Maruf, Human Resources Orphan Reach, Ltd.:

We have signed up with CardioCare as providers for our executive check-up programs for the second year in a row. Their philosophy and their approach to preventive medicine is exactly what we have been looking for as a company. The health of our chief executives is of great importance to us, we believe in motivation to aspire the best possible version of yourself and this applies to body and soul as a unit. With CardioCare we found just the right partner to succeed.

Mr. Chris Bruck Ph.D., Luxembourg, New York, Marbella:

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck is the "Dr. House" of the Costa del Sol, for the exceptional diagnostic acumen (minus the sarcasm, always with a smile) and competent determination. She and Dr. Bernd Reisbeck never give up on their patients and consistently study and keep abreast of the latest developments in medicine. And they saved my life.

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