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PREVENTICA is the CardioCare set of expert health check-up programs tailored to your individual needs as primary or secondary prevention.


CardioCare is an international cardio-vascular center of excellence. We perform all non-invasive and invasive investigations and procedures.


CardioCare is co-located and integrated with HC International Hospital in Marbella.The CardioCare hemodynamic unit is open 24/7 for acute cardio-vascular events,

The CardioCare goal: you come to us with a problem and you will leave with a solution!

•    Cardiology consultations for all heart disease and  in case of acute symptoms: all necessary investigations right away - for your peace of mind!

•    Diabetic consultations: detailed follow-up plan for diabetics including all necessary preventive check-ups at the indicated time interval

•    Vascular consultations: detailed follow-up plan for patients with known vascular disease +/- further risk factors, incl. all necessary preventive check-ups

•    Pacemaker revisions and programming, arrhythmia investigations, treatment and follow-up.


We Care

At  CardioCare we combine the expertise of our internationally trained doctors with state of the art brand new technology to achieve the optimal diagnostic and therapeutic results for our patients. We are a center of excellence with an emphasis on endovascular procedures and interventions.

Despite all rapid technological and scientific advances, cardio-vascular disease remains the most prevalent one in our Western society and continues to be the number One cause of death.

We strongly believe that cardio-vascular care should start with prevention and early disease detection, the only strategy of being one step ahead:

           Preventica  is our own brand of individually optimized check-up programs to benefit our clients.  


We continue our care with optimal, state of the art treatment modalities based on international guidelines and finish up with acute care in case of need, specialized consultations for long-term follow up and of course bed-side care for our hospitalized patients.


CardioCare is proud to offer cutting edge equipment infrastructure in a calming and beautiful clinic environment.  In combination with the passionate care of our multilingual, internationally trained medical and nursing staff:

    we will make your time spent with us a pleasure

rather than an uncomfortable “must” 

Don't you agree it is time to take a deeper look into what is the most important asset of your successful life: Your Health





Dr. Bernd Reisbeck  

MD, PhD, Co-founder and medical director at CardioCare 

internist / intensivist / cardiologist / interventional cardiologist

After receiving his medical degree and finishing his work leading to his PhD in 1995, Dr. Bernd Reisbeck underwent his clinical training in Berlin and after completing all US-accreditation exams USMLE I, II and III he continued at the NYU (New York City University) and New York Medical College. From 1997-2002 he was part of various doctor teams responsible for medical patient care and scientific research at prestigious medical centers like the Bellevue Hospital of the New York City University, Langone medical Center, the Memorial Sloan Kettering and the St.Vincent's Hospital of the New York Medical College. Following his American board certification he continued as head of Critical Care department at Brookdale Hospital/Sunny Brooke University Brooklyn. He is US-Board certified since 2002.


After the 9/11 events, in which he acted as first medical responder, he returned to Germany, Berlin where he received his German and European specialist certifications in interventional cardiology, conservative cardiology, internal medicine and intensive care medicine. 2004-2007 he was part of the interventional cardiology team at UKB, a large metropolitan level one trauma and cardiology care medical center in Berlin.

Since 2008 he has built up private consultation in Marbella and until present continued several consultant positions for interventional cardiology in Germany.

Dr. Bernd Reisbeck is a member of the German Cardiology Society and the European Cardiology Society.

He is a founding team member at CardioCare and will be responsible for interventional cardiology and clinical cardiology at CardioCare Marbella. 


Dr. Juan Luis Gutierrez-Chico  

MD, PhD, Interventional Cardiologist, specialist complex coronary CTO procedures

Dr. Gutierrez-Chico is an interventional cardiologist with a special interest in complex CTO procedures (chronic coronary total occlusion). After cardiology training at the Complutense University in Madrid in 2009, he underwent a scientific Fellowship program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where he received his second PhD diploma, followed by several years of activity in the interventional cardiology Unit of the Jena University/Germany, Charite-Berlin/Germany and Klinikum Westend-Berlin/Germany, where he followed his passion for complex CTO procedures and became one of Europe's leading specialists. 

2018 he returned to Spain as head of the Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology department at the Hospital “Puerta de Europa“ in Algeciras. Since 2019 he has joined the Team of CardioCare, dedicating his time to highly complex coronary interventions and research. Dr. Chico is a full and very active member of the European Club for Chronic Total Occlusions (EuroCTO). Further, he is Editor in Chief of „Cardiology Journal“, and a member of the International Editorial Board of EuroIntervention. 


CTO procedures are indeed very specific and highly complex coronary interventions, requiring unique technical approaches and specialized skills. 

At CardioCare Dr. Gutierrez-Chico is in charge of organization and execution of complex coronary procedures, especially CTO's, making CardioCare one of few centers in Spain offering these procedures to their patients. Further, he is in charge of international communication, procedural development and scientific presentation.

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck

internist / intensivist 

Dr. Manuela Reisbeck graduated from Medical School at the Charite University Berlin and finished her clinical training in internal medicine and intensive care medicine in Berlin and at the NYU (New York University and New York Medical College). 

From 1997-1999 she underwent several clinical and scientific research rotations at NYU (New York University) and UMDNJ (University of Medicine and dentistry of New Jersey). After receiving her full accreditation with the US- ECFMG board in 1999, she started her clinical medical training program at prestigious institutions like NYU, Memorial Sloan Kettering and New York Medical College. She is US-board certified since 2002.

Following the events of 9/11 she returned to Berlin in 2004 where she received her German/European specialist certifications and started scientific research work at the Max Dellbrück Molecular Biology Center/Charite Berlin, leading to her PhD in 2007.

Since 2008 she has built up the successful Internal Medicine / Cardiology practice Reisbeck-medical in Marbella with admitting rights to several hospitals, including the HC-International Hospital.

She is a founding member of CardioCare and will be responsible for outpatient consultations and non-invasive investigations, also for check-up programs and the in-hospital patient care of CardioCare patients. 




CardioCare is an international cardio-vascular center of excellence with an emphasis on endovascular procedures and interventions.


We use cutting edge technological equipment to diagnose and treat a large variety of cardio-vascular conditions, for your maximum benefit.


We truly believe that health is our most valuable asset that we must nurture continuously.  As always with special things in life, you need a good partner to share the challenges. We will be your loyal partner in all issues regarding your cardio-vascular health. We will prove worthy of your trust and make sure that you can enjoy life safely. 

Our Siemens Hemodynamic Interventional Unit is capable of performing a large variety of endovascular procedures: 


  • Coronary angiogram and interventions / stent insertion

  • Carotid artery interventions

  • Peripheral artery angiogram and interventions, aortic interventions 

  • CNS-endovascular procedures 

  • Pacemaker and Defibrillator insertion

  • Continuous implantable arrhythmia monitor 

  • Embolization procedures


Face the challenge of getting on top of your best possible health and become the best possible version of yourself for your loved ones !

PREVENTICA, is the CardioCare brand of expert individually tailored set of programed health investigations. We follow the international guidelines of preventive and early detection medicine to ensure the maximal benefit for our clients.


We believe that the right check-up program is the one which has been designed for your individual needs. Finding out about your personal medical history, your individual risk factors and the family medical history, your good and your bad life style habits is crucial to serve this purpose. The better we get to know you, the better we can help you improve.

    We will not just simply Xray your body

because technically we can .....


Therefore, our check-up packages are only suggestions based on general guidelines and you may consider changes based on our recommendations after the initial interview with your prevention specialist. 

All non-invasive and invasive cardio-vascular procedures necessary to assure early diagnosis and further treatment protocols, can be performed at CardioCare.



CardioCare is co-located and integrated with High Care International Hospital in Marbella and we offer 24/7 emergency care and hospital care.

In case of the need for hospitalization, we cooperate closely with HC Hospital and admit our patients to the hospital but they continue under our expert care.  In our hemodynamic unit we can perform a wide range of endovascular procedures, depending on the medical indication.


The CardioCare hemodynamic unit is open 24/7 for acute cardio-vascular events, like heart attacks. Our Acute Coronary Care Unit will be monitoring our cardio-vascular patients for any given medical reason. 

Let's get you started ...


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